New gtkcam interface

[gtkcam1.jpg]   [gtkcam2.gif]   [gtkcam3.gif]
main window

This window shows the current picture and allows the user to open other windows.

The Take picture button opens a standard GTK+ "Save as" dialog to let the user save a .JPG or .PPM image.

The Options and Dimensions buttons open the other two dialogs shown.

  options window

This window lets the user change image content, color, and clarity options.

Auto-brightness controls whether or not gtkcam adapts the camera's brightness level to bring the image to "normal" intensity.

Auto-RGB controls whether or not gtkcam balances the colors to get an image with equal amounts of each hue.

Despeckling enables or disables the "Christmas-light removal" algorithm, which smooths overloaded pixels out of the image.

32-bit transfers enable faster but coarser transfers and enable image sizes up to 640x480.

  dimensions window

This window lets the user change the image size and decimation (zoom) on the fly.

Top and Left control how many pixels of the CCD are assumed to be black reference pixels. The default values are almost always fine.

Decimation controls how zoomed-out the camera is (or, in other words, how shrunken the image is).

The sizer widget controls both the size of the image and the portion of the CCD used.

Old xcqcam interface

[qccap1.jpg]   [qccap2.gif]
main window

This window displays the current image.

  control panel

This window lets you adjust camera and image settings on the fly, and the effects are immediately visible in the main window.

The Adjust button initiates auto-adjustment of the brightness and color balance.

The Take picture button prompts for a filename and saves the current image in 24-bit PPM format.

The control panel shown here was compiled using XView 3.2.0. A Tcl/Tk version is also available for systems without XView.