This page describes software for Connectix-branded, parallel-port Quickcams (B/W and Color) that were made in 1996 and 1997. Many of the links below are likely to be broken. This page is for historical interest only. If you have a modern (Logitech, USB) Quickcam, look elsewhere.

Third-party Quickcam software

I have removed all broken links from this page. Here are all the packages that I removed because they are no longer available.

This list is still evolving. If you've written something cool, tell me what it does and where I can get it. Please let me know of any corrections or updates I should make to this page, or of any broken links. Thanks to all of the authors for this wealth of software!

There is no Windows software on this page. I don't have the Windows drivers, nor could I legally send them to you if I did. If you write to me asking for them, I will ignore you.


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Useful third-party Quickcam links