Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Foo supported?
  • When will the QC VC, Home, and Pro be supported?
  • What camera do you recommend?
  • Can you send me the drivers for Windows or MacOS?
  • Why does it take so long to take a picture?
  • How do I set up a streaming webcam?

    Q. Is the Foo supported?
    A. The parallel Color Quickcam and Color Quickcam 2 are. The B&W camera, the VC, the Quickclip, the Quickcam Home, the Quickcam Express, the Quickcam Web, and the Quickcam Pro are not, nor are any serial or USB Quickcams.

    If you want Quickcam B&W, Quickcam VC, or USB Quickcam Express suport, go to and pick one of the packages there.

    No cameras made by other companies are supported by cqcam, nor will they be. The Video4Linux2 project has released drivers for many camera devices, including the bt848 (including the Panasonic Eggcam), the Creative Labs Webcam, CPiA-based cameras (including the Creative Labs Webcam 2), and the Matrox Marvel. Please see The Video4Linux2 page for details.

    Q. When will the QC VC, Home, Express, Web, and Pro be supported?
    A. The Quickcam VC, Pro, and Express are all supported by reverse-engineered drivers at this time. See
    the Quickcam software page for links to drivers. The Quickcam Home and Web will be when Logitech releases programming information for them. When they will do this (or if they will do it at all) remains to be seen.

    Q. Now that the B&W QC, the Color QC, and the QC2 aren't widely available, and none of the newer Quickcams is supported, what camera do you recommend?
    A. Any CPiA-based camera (including the Creative Labs Webcam 2), the Creative Labs Webcam 3 or any bt848-based NTSC capture card (including PCI WinTV cards). CPiA cameras should be a bit cheaper, but NTSC-capture cameras will have better quality and better frame rates.

    For now, no cameras from Logitech are supported under Linux.

    Q. Can you send me the drivers for Windows or MacOS?
    A. No. If you ask, I will ignore you, ridicule you behind your back, or both. Even if it were legal, which it's not, I don't have the drivers. Cqcam is better anyway.

    Logitech may be willing to sell you a replacement CD.

    Q. Why does it take so long to take a picture?
    A. In short, because you're using auto-adjustment, a unidirectional port, or too large an image size. The man page covers this in detail. That, and, the Quickcam is limited by the speed of the parallel port, which is inherently bad.

    Q. How do I set up a streaming webcam?
    A. Read the file docs/ in the cqcam distribution, for starters. Then install (and modify, if necessary) the webcam binary, the nph-webcam script, and the webcam.html web page -- the file covers all that in detail. If you still have questions,
    write to me, and I'll make the documentation better.